Asbestos Crime Roundup

In Maryland, a man was convicted of conspiracy to remove asbestos in the Woodville State Hospital in Collier. The man was sentenced to six months of home detention. Charles Victoria of Parkland, MD also received three years of probation for conspiring to unsafely remove asbestos from the hospital. This was in violation of environmental laws and it obstructed the proceedings of the investigation. His actions as a licensed asbestos removal supervisor violated laws for the safe disposal and removal of asbestos. He was also convicted of hampering the investigation by providing misleading evidence to government investigators. In Winter Haven, FL, the Green Swamp area saw the illegal dumping of asbestos containing debris. Evidence uncovered in a joint investigation by the Florida Environmental Protection Agency and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office showed that illegal dumping was done by the Winter Haven office of the Florida Environmental Compliance Corporation.

Evidence shows that 43 container loads of asbestos containing construction material from the demolition of dormitories at the Florida Southern College were dumped into the Green Swamp so that the removal team would not have to pay landfill fees, which could have run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Currently the investigation is still ongoing, but the F.E.C.C. has removed the waste from the swamp and properly disposed of it in a landfill. The operations manager for the Winter Haven office of the F.E.C.C., the Green Swamp property owner, and the dump truck driver who helped to transport the waste have all been arrested. Further arrests could be made as the investigation proceeds.