Asbestos Bribe Results in Conspiracy Charge for Town Supervisor

The supervisor of a Michigan township has pled guilty to taking a bribe in return for his support of an asbestos abatement contract for a demolition project.

Royal Oak Township Supervisor William Morgan pled guilty to two charges of conspiracy after he was found to have taken a $10,000 bribe so he would attempt to win a $170,000 U.S. Housing and Urban Development contract to demolish vacated buildings. Morgan submitted a false report about asbestos that needed to be removed from a vacated Detroit theater.

By submitting false reports, Morgan not only complicated the ability to safely remove mesothelioma causing asbestos products from Royal Oak Township, but also could have unfairly taken money that could have been more effectively used to reduce the mesothelioma risk in other towns instead.

“The conduct in this case not only breached the public trust, but it also risked public health by evading the rules for removing asbestos safely,” said U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Morgan will be sentenced later this year. He faces up to 10 years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine.

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