Asbestos Baking Sheets and Other Surprising Uses for a Deadly Material

Hard to believe, but many manufacturers of asbestos-containing products even produced and sold a number of items that were used for cooking. One product in particular, “asbestos baking sheets,” was designed and advertised as a protective sheet of asbestos-infused paper to be placed over a chicken or roast to keep it from burning in the oven.

This is just one of the many surprising uses various manufacturers came up with for asbestos. Once considered the “miracle mineral” of its time, the natural heat resistance and durability of asbestos fibers made it a preferred ingredient in a number of household products—from baking sheets to “protective” table pads.

Even harder to believe is that many of the same manufacturers continued to use asbestos in everyday products long after its adverse health effects became known. Check out the slideshow to see “6 Asbestos Advertisements You Won’t Believe.”