Announcing the Winner of the Ban Asbestos Now! Film Search

The deadlines have come and gone, the popular vote has been tabulated and the judges’ votes are in – we’re ready to announce the winner of the Ban Asbestos Now! film search!

Before we announce the victor, we’d like to first thank the filmmakers’ for their support and awesome submissions. If you haven’t already, you can view all of the films on our BAN! film search homepage. We had four great vignettes in total, and we’ll be continuing to use them across the Web to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and the importance of BAN! The videos are truly fantastic – each blended creativity with great content about how people can be exposed to asbestos and the devastating health effects the material can have.

So without further ado, the BAN! team is pleased to announce that the winner is…

Arik Cohen’s “The Horror Story.” Check it out in the video above. 

The BAN! panel of judges included four individuals with varied backgrounds including: a registered nurse, lawyer, art director and a mesothelioma survivor. The fifth “judge” was the People’s Choice vote, which was won by Alex Milanese’s video “Asbestos: The Real Nightmare.” Full details about the final result of the film search – including the winning cast, prizes and judging criteria – can be found here.

The more people we’re able to educate about the asbestos problem in the U.S., the closer we’ll be to banning it in our country. We’re grateful for these filmmakers’ contributions to BAN!, and hope that these videos will allow us to continue to motivate people to take action. Together we can make our voices heard and BAN!