Accidental Asbestos Shipment to New Jersey

Two toxic containers, one filled with asbestos and the other containing radioactive waste, were recently sent to New Jersey from Bermuda apparently due to a shipping error. The crates have subsequently been returned to Bermuda. Officials from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have not made a statement and could not be reached for comment. The container with radioactive waste was supposed to be a boiler, but upon testing was found to have low radiation levels. The boiler was originally intended to be sent to New Jersey, but the asbestos containing crate was not. Destined for a government quarry in Bermuda, the asbestos container was instead sent to the United States. Believing that it contained scrap metal intended for a New Jersey shipment, dock workers in Bermuda did not realize the mistake until the crate was examined upon arrival in New Jersey.

In reality, the container contained asbestos waste from the demolition of a Club Med which had been abandoned for over 20 years. Asbestos is a carefully controlled substance. Once used in building, it has been banned in new construction in many western countries, including the United States, due to the high levels of danger it poses to humans. Inhalation of asbestos fibers and particles can lead to a large number of lung diseases including asbestosis and the deadly cancer mesothelioma. Building Block was the company in charge of asbestos removal at the demolition site, but representatives from the company could not be reached to comment on the situation.