$3.6 Million Awarded to Florida Woman in Asbestos Suit

In her final days of suffering with terminal mesothelioma , Linda Daly was awarded $3.6 million from a Broward County jury. Mrs. Daly, 57, was diagnosed in 2007 with mesothelioma. The only known cause of this deadly form of cancer is exposure to asbestos, and it can take decades after exposure before symptoms manifest themselves. Her condition is currently being treated with chemotherapy. The jury concluded that Linda Daly’s source of exposure was brakes filled with asbestos at the Ford dealership where she worked in the 1970s. The brakes were manufactured by Ford Motor Co. and Pneumo Abex, who were defendants in the lawsuit. Her husband, Michael Daly, also did repairs on asbestos-filled brakes at home, and she could have inhaled asbestos from his clothing. Michael Daly shows no signs of asbestos complications as of the November 2008 trial.

According to Daly’s attorney, “Remarkably Ford and Abex continue to argue that although asbestos is clearly deadly, they are not responsible.” The defendants argued that Linda Daly did not have mesothelioma; however, her physicians in Florida all confirmed the diagnosis. In just six hours of deliberations, a Broward county jury found Ford Motor Co. at fault and ordered the company to pay $3.6 million to Mrs. Daly. While attorneys report that the case will likely be appealed, it might be too late for Mrs. Daly, who has already suffered with mesothelioma for over a year. Mesothelioma patients typically live up to 12 to 18 months after a diagnosis.