3 Historic Ohio Buildings Will Benefit from Asbestos Removal Funds

On Monday, Ohio state officials released the names of three historic buildings that will benefit from Ohio’s Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund – Toledo’s Madison Building, Cleveland’s Agora Theater, and Youngstown State University’s Garfield Building.  The three will each receive $200,000 to help remove asbestos from the buildings.  The Brownfield Fund was started with a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and offers below market-rate loans to non-profit and government bodies for property cleanup.  An application process is required and money is available for asbestos, petroleum, and hazardous substance removal. 

Asbestos, a naturally occurring fiber with fire-resistant properties, was used in many products throughout the construction industry before it was found to cause health problems like mesothelioma.  As a result, a number of older buildings still contain the deadly carcinogen.  It can be very expensive to remove and dispose of the material, most often requiring a certified professional.  That is why it is nice to see that buildings and land with historic significance can benefit from the low cost loans and grants from a program like the Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund.


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