Pleurodesis – Mesothelioma Treatments and Surgery

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Mesothelioma often goes undetected for many years, so there may be little hope for a cure once a diagnosis has been made. When other treatments designed to reduce tumors or stop their growth cannot prolong life, doctors may suggest pleurodesis to relieve symptoms and make the patient as comfortable as possible.

What is Pleurodesis?

Mesothelioma in the lining of the lungs is known as pleural mesothelioma. Patients who suffer from advanced pleural mesothelioma Types of Mesothelioma Cancermay experience disturbing symptoms like an increased heart rate and shortness of breath. Pleurodesis is a surgical procedure that helps to alleviate these symptoms by preventing fluid from building up in the lungs.

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The doctor who performs pleurodesis begins by making a small cut in the chest wall and inserting a hollow tube so fluid can drain out. The doctor also uses the chest tube to deliver a talc powder solution and medications to the chest cavity. The talc powder forms a seal Pleurodesisbetween linings of the lung and chest wall to prevent further fluid buildup. The chest tube is left in place for a day or two after pleurodesis to drain any new fluid that might accumulate.

Risks of Pleurodesis

While a certain amount of risk, such as the possibility of infection, is attached to any surgical procedure, there are no significant risks specifically associated with pleurodesis. Before you undergo pleurodesis, your doctor will conduct a thorough medical examination and lab tests to minimize your risks.

Pleurodesis Benefits

Although pleurodesis is not a cure, it can control your symptoms, relieve shortness of breath, and help you maintain a reasonable quality of life with mesothelioma.

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