Mesothelioma Biopsy

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Mesothelioma, a deadly form of cancer caused by asbestos,Mesothelioma Needle Biopsy is difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat. Mesothelioma surgery can be a diagnostic tool, a potentially curative procedure, or an effective treatment to prolong life and relieve symptoms when no cure is possible.

Diagnostic Mesothelioma Surgery

If your doctor suspects that you have mesothelioma, he or she may recommend surgery to obtain fluid or tissue samples. ThoracoscopyThis kind of mesothelioma surgery, called a biopsy, can help your doctor diagnose mesothelioma or determine the cell type of a mesothelioma tumor (sarcomatoid, epithelial, or mixed).

Mesothelioma Surgery: Potential Cure

Only in the very early stages of mesothelioma does surgery offer the possibility of a cure. Potentially curative surgery may be successful if your general health is good and the tumor is confined to one area. But even with successful surgery, some mesothelioma cells Pleurodesismay be left behind to grow and multiply and allow the disease to return. For this reason, your doctor may recommend chemotherapy or radiation in conjunction with potentially curative mesothelioma surgery.

Palliative Mesothelioma Surgery

In most cases, the goal of mesothelioma surgery is to relieve symptoms and prolong life. In the most common type of palliative mesothelioma surgery, built-up fluid is drained from the pleural space to relieve pain and shortness of breath. If you have mesothelioma this surgery may improve your quality of life and help you stay reasonably active.

Are You Coping with Mesothelioma?

If you’re living with an asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma, you need expert medical care and treatment – but your illness may make it impossible to work. How can you afford mesothelioma surgery if you have no income and no insurance?

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