Mesothelioma Resources

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For those who suffer from asbestos-related disease, information is a priceless commodity. Mesothelioma resource organizations can help you find answers to your questions and solutions to the challenges faced by you or a loved one.

Mesothelioma Resources from Government Agencies

Mesothelioma Treatment Clinical TrialsIf you’re looking for mesothelioma resources with reliable information on asbestos-related diseases, the U.S. government may have what you need. The National Cancer Institute (, for example, is a mesothelioma resource with information on tumor staging, treatment options, and clinical trials.

The NCI Cancer Centers Program provides a list of certified cancer centers where patients can go for all their needs. These centers have been officially endorsed by the National Cancer Institute as being leaders in the field of cancer research, treatment, and prevention.

Asbestos Cancer From ExposureMedline Plus, a service of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Library of Medicine located at, is another helpful mesothelioma resource with an extensive collection of articles, links, and an encyclopedia on topics ranging from cancer drugs and treatments to patient support.

Mesothelioma Resource Organizations and Support Groups

The American Cancer Society (, a nationwide organization of volunteers dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem, is a valuable resource for mesothelioma and general cancer information.

Mesothelioma LitigationMany patients also find help in mesothelioma resource organizations that provide emotional and spiritual support. Hospice is a mesothelioma resource for patients who are facing the end of life, as well as an excellent source of information on cancer support groups in your community. Different support groups offer different kinds of help – everything from emotional counseling to financial assistance for medications.

Sokolove Law: Your Mesothelioma Resource for Legal Help

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