Jerrold L. Abraham, M.D.

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Professor of Pathology

SUNY Upstate Medical University
766 Irving Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-4750

Dr. Abraham is an expert in his field specializing in anatomic pathology and the treatment of asbestos related conditions and diseases.


  • 1966, BS, Life Sciences – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,  MA
  • 1970, MD, University of California – School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  • 1971, Internship in Pathology, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • 1972, Residency in Pathology, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA

Dr. Abraham worked as a pathologist for the Appalachian Laboratory for Occupational Respiratory Diseases at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Morgantown West Virginia. He currently serves as a Professor of Pathology (surgical and autopsy pathology, teaching and research) and Director of Environmental and Occupational Pathology for the Department of Pathology at the SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse NY. Dr. Abraham has been a member of the Thoracic Society since 1976, and is also a member of the Advisory Committees for NY Indoor Environmental Quality Center (NYIEQ) and NY Environmental Quality Systems Center since 2001.

Sample of Publications:

DeNee PB, JL Abraham and ER Walker. SEM characterization of respirable dust in lung tissue using ashing and digestion techniques. Microbeam Analysis Society, Proc. 10th Annual Conf., p. 51A-51E. Las Vegas, August 1975

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Wright RS, Abraham JL, Harber P, Burnett BR, Morris P, West P. Fatal Asbestosis 50 years after Brief High Intensity exposure in a Vermiculite expansion plant. Am J Resp Crit Care Med 165:1145-1149, 2002.

Case BW and Abraham JL. Heterogeneity of exposure and attribution of mesothelioma: Trends and strategies in two American counties. Inhaled Particles X (2008) Journal of Physics: Conference Series 151:1-15, 2009

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