Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Memphis

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Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Memphis
1030 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Phone: 800.636.8262
Fax: 901.577.7251

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Memphis, Tennessee or Memphis VA Medical Center has been around since 1922. In combination with its many clinics, VAMC offers services to nearly 200,000 veterans residing in a 53-county area of western Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and northwest Arkansas. VAMC also offers services in several community-based outpatient clinics including: Memphis, Tennessee North; Memphis, Tennessee, South; Savannah, Tennessee; Byhalia, Mississippi; Smithville, Mississippi, and Jonesboro Arkansas.

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Memphis’s mission is to “serve the veteran through the delivery of timely quality care by staff who demonstrate outstanding customer service, the advancement of health care through research, and the education of tomorrow’s health care providers.” VAMC is recognized nationally as a leader in quality medical care, superior customer service, allied/medical health education, and research.

The Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a 244-bed tertiary care facility, fully accredited and currently offering care to 10,000 veterans in the Memphis area. The medical center’s main campus offers acute medical and surgical care, as well as intermediate care. It also offers a full range of primary, specialty, and subspecialty care such as psychiatry, neurology, spinal cord injury, rehabilitation, oncology, dentistry, and special services designated for women’s care.

The Memphis Veterans Medical Center’s full list of special programs includes services for various types of cancer and lung diseases. The full list of special programs includes: oncology/hematology, radiation oncology, CT/MRI scanning, endoscopic surgery, pain management, nuclear medicine, open heart surgery, neurosurgery, ambulatory surgery, audiology/speech pathology, cardiology, cytogenetic referral center, day treatment center, dermatology, dialysis, digital angiography, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, hemodialysis center, hospital-based primary care, optometry services, oral surgery and implantology, orthopedics, prosthetic treatment center, research, sleep disorder program, spinal cord injury center, substance abuse treatment (inpatient/outpatient), veterans outreach, visual impairment support, and the women’s center.

Through the Memphis VA Medical Center’s research and development program, specialty care program, and surgery program, the center may offer treatment options for mesothelioma and other lung cancers using state-of-the-art medical techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment for high quality surgical care. The Memphis VA Medical Center’s specialty care program offers all surgical specialties as well as neurology, radiation, oncology, podiatry, and audiology.

The Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center ‘s primary affiliation is with the University of Tennessee . It also has affiliations with numerous other colleges and universities throughout the country, while supporting hundreds of active research projects with a total funding averaging $12 million annually.