UPMC Cancer Center at UPMC Presbyterian

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UPMC Cancer Center
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
Phone: 412.647.3600
Email Address: PCI-INFO@upmc.edu

UPMC has been named one of America’s Best Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report (2007), for the 8th consecutive year. Ranked in 14 of 16 specialties, UPMC ranked 3rd in ear, nose and throat; 8th in geriatrics; 10th in rheumatology; 11th in psychiatry, and 12th in cancer care.

UPMC Cancer Center at UPMC Presbyterian is part of the UPMC Cancer Centers network. Working closely with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), UPMC Cancer Centers is one of the largest integrated community networks of cancer specialists and health care professionals in the United States. UPMC’s more than 2,300 physicians, scientists, administrative staff, and other health care professionals and specialists treat more than 30,000 cancer patients each year.

UPMC Cancer Center staff members are experts in the fields of surgical oncology, medial oncology, radiation oncology, otolaryngology, neuro-oncology, gynecologic oncology, palliative care, and behavioral medicine. The UPMC staff members are skilled at treating all types of cancer from A-Z.

UPMC Cancer Centers include the world-renowned Melanoma Program, as well as numerous treatment programs dedicated to lung cancer, head and neck cancers, leukemias and lymphomas, brain cancers, breast cancer, colon cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, liver cancer, gynecologic cancers, prostate cancer and urologic cancers, and stem cell transplantation. Treatments offered at UPMC Cancer Centers include: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, regional perfusion therapy, biological therapy, stem cell transplantation, and clinical trials.

Clinical trials, also called “protocols” at UPMC Cancer Centers are available to patients interested in participating. UPMC Cancer Centers currently list hundreds of clinical trials (in all phases) and for all different types of cancer. At times, there have been more than a dozen clinical trials available for lung cancer.

UPMC Cancer Center at UPMC Presbyterian works closely with other UPMC Cancer Centers. This location has a dedicated staff of specialists in three departments including: medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology. Medical oncology has four medical oncologists, radiation oncology (also) has four radiation oncologists, and surgical oncology, the largest department, has 24 surgical oncologists/surgeons. Available specialties include radiation oncology and surgical oncology and treatment services include: Gamma knife radiosurgery, brachytherapy (HDR / LDR), intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and total body irridation (TBI).

UPMC Cancer Center at UPMC Presbyterian also offers other cancer care services such as: clinical trial screening and enrollment, financial and insurance counseling, hospice and home care, nutritional counseling, symptom and side effects management, support groups, and psychosocial counseling.