University of North Carolina, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

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University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
School of Medicine CB# 7295
450 West Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
Phone: 919.966.8128
Fax: 919.966.6735
Email Address:

The University of North Carolina (UNC) Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. UNC Lineberger CCC was first designated in 1990, it is one of only 39 cancer centers to be awarded the designation nationwide, and it is the only public Comprehensive Cancer Center in North Carolina to have this designation.

To receive designation status from the National Cancer Institute, facilities must: demonstrate expertise in three areas including clinical, laboratory, and behavioral and population-based research; initiate and conduct early-phase, innovative clinical trials and participate in the National Cancer Institute’s cooperative groups by providing leadership and recruiting patients for trials, and conduct activities in outreach and education as well as provide information on advances in healthcare for both healthcare professionals and the public.

UNC Lineberger CCC treats all types of cancer from A-Z including all types of lung cancer, and adult and childhood mesothelioma. The Thoracic Oncology Program at UNC Lineberger CCC takes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment. UNC Lineberger’s compassionate specialists have expertise in the areas of pulmonary medicine, surgery, medical and radiation oncology, thoracic oncology, pathology, and oncology nursing. The Thoracic Oncology Program team of specialists treat: esophageal cancer (in the chest), non-small cell lung cancer, small Cell lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleuropulmonary blastoma, and thymoma and thymic carcinoma.

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Thoracic Oncology Program currently offers patients the most up-to-date advances in diagnostic tools, surgical techniques, and medical and radiation therapies. Diagnostic biopsy techniques available at UNC Lineberger include: transbronchial biopsy, fine needle aspiration, and thoracoscopic biopsy with CT-guided localization.

Mediastinoscopy, anterior mediastinotomy or thoracoscopic node sampling accomplishes staging of lung cancer. UNC is one of only a few institutions in the Southeast to have a Light-Induced Fluorescence Endoscope (LIFE), which allows specialists to study the natural history and molecular biology of premalignant lesions. Additionally, UNC is one of a dozen institutions in the country being equipped for CT-Fluoroscopy, and UNC pioneered the development of CT-based three-dimensional (3D) imaging for radiation treatment planning.

Treatment methods include: surgery, such as lobectomy and pneumonectomy using incisions of video-assisted surgery; combined-therapy treatment that begins with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, followed by surgery; radiation therapy; laser treatment; bronchial artery embolization, and bronchoscopy.

UNC Lineberger CCC also has ongoing clinical trials for cancer treatment and prevention. For more information about UNC trials for any cancer site, please call 919.966.4432 or (toll free) 1.877.668.0683.