University of New Mexico Cancer Center

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University of New Mexico Cancer Center
900 Camino de Salud NE
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
Phone: 800.432.6806
Fax: 505.272.1465

Open since 1973, The University of New Mexico Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute Designated Center and the Official Cancer Center of the State of New Mexico.

Named one of America’s Best Cancer Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report, UNM Cancer Center is one of only 39 National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Centers in America.

The University of New Mexico (UNM) Cancer Center is the state’s largest team of cancer specialists employing a group of more than 60 world-class cancer physicians, as well as 110 research scientists. UNM recruits its physicians and research scientists from world-renowned institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Texas MD Anderson.

The University of New Mexico Cancer Center provides cancer diagnosis and treatment to more than 40% of adults diagnosed with cancer in the state of New Mexico each year as well as all children diagnosed with the disease each year. The UNM Cancer Center currently sees 6,500 patients each year at the center’s central hub at UNM.

Led by Dr. Cheryl Willman, The Maurice & Marguerite Liberman Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research and Director & CEO of UNM Cancer Center, the cancer center treats all kinds of cancer including: malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, colon cancer, gastric cancer, women’s cancers, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, bone cancer, multiple myeloma, rectal cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma, and pancreatic cancer, and testicular cancer, to name a few.

The UNM testing center utilizes several different tests to detect, diagnose, and monitor all types of cancer. The two main types of tests used are: screening tests and diagnostic tests. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy.

In many cases, one or more treatment modalities may be used to provide cancer patients with the most effective treatment. “It is common to use several treatment modalities together (concurrently) or in sequence with the goal of preventing recurrence. This is referred to as multi-modality treatment of the cancer” (UNM Cancer Center).

UNM Cancer Center also offers a wide variety of clinical trials in all four phases.

UNM Cancer Center will open a new world-class cancer treatment and clinical research facility February 1, 2009 . The expansion will introduce new state-of-the-art cancer diagnosis and treatment capabilities that are not currently available in the state of New Mexico.