University of Minnesota Cancer Center, Thoracic Oncology

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University of Minnesota Cancer Center
Academic Health Center
754 CCRB (MMC 806)
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
Phone: 888.226.2376
Fax: 612.626.3069
Email Address:

Part of the University of Minnesota Health Center, the University of Minnesota Cancer Center was established in 1991. The Cancer Center is part of a health center that includes the Medical School, the Dental School, and the College of Pharmacy, as well as the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and School of Veterinary Medicine. The University of Minnesota Cancer Center’s mission is to advance knowledge and enhance care by “creating a collaborative research environment focused on causes, prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer; applying that knowledge to improve quality of life for patients and survivors; and sharing its discoveries with other scientists, students, professionals, and the community.”

The University of Minnesota Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Center and has been since 1998. The designation was renewed in 2003. The Cancer is one of only 39 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the United States.

In addition to malignant mesothelioma and thoracic cancer, the University of Minnesota Cancer Center treats all types of cancer ranging from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) to Wilms Tumor. Patients with malignant mesothelioma and thoracic cancer receive treatment through the University of Minnesota Cancer Center Thoracic Oncology Clinical Program. The Thoracic Oncology Clinical Program is a multidisciplinary program consisting of specialists in oncology, pathology, radiotherapy, and thoracic surgery. Treatments are available for localized malignant mesothelioma, stage I, and advanced malignant mesothelioma, stages II, III, and IV. Surgery is offered for all stages of malignant mesothelioma to reduce discomfort and to control or prevent pleural effusion, but a multimodality approach is usually necessary.

In addition to surgery, combination chemotherapy (using more than one chemotherapy agent), is recommended. The University of Minnesota Cancer Center physicians are nationally known for their expertise in Cytoreductive surgery plus hyperthermic (heated) chemotherapy. This innovative treatment has been proven to greatly improve the quality of life for cancer patients with peritoneal metastases.

In addition to offering traditional therapies, the Thoracic Cancer Team has an active part in national and regional cancer trials for a variety of thoracic cancers. These include: prevention trials, early detection trials, and treatment trials.

The Cancer Center’s clinical research and treatment partners include the University of Minnesota Physicians; University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview; and University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital, Fairview. Research partners include the University’s Stem Cell Institute, Center for Immunology, Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and the Institute of Human Genetics.