Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group

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Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group
9090 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Phone: 310.888.8680

Formed in 1991, The Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group has a team of 10 physicians and a number of nurse practitioners. The Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group team of physicians is made up of a group cancer specialists from all different backgrounds, each focusing on the full spectrum of oncology and hematology problems. The team of specialists are: Drs. Robert W. Decker, Julie Anne Dunhill, Leland M. Green, Solomon I. Hamburg, David M.J. Hoffman, Philomena McAndrew, Dorothy J. Park, Sepehr Rokshar, Barry E. Rosenbloom , and Fred P. Rosenfelt.

The Tower Hematology Medical Oncology Group offers the latest treatment options, the latest technology, and the latest research for cancer patients. In fact, Tower has its own center for radiation therapy. The Center for Radiation Therapy of Beverly Hills is located at 9229 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The physicians are Dr. Leslie Botnick and Dr. Christopher Rose, Phone: 310.205.5777, Fax: 310.888.8794.

The Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group is affiliated with the City of Hope , which is a nationally recognized cancer center on the cutting edge of cancer research and clinical trials. Through connections within the medical community, as well as through advanced skills and experience, Tower Hematology physicians are equipped to offer unique treatment options in conventional chemotherapy and immunotherapy, as well as hormonal therapy.

The Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group utilizes numerous methods to diagnose cancer, including biopsy, endoscopy, ultrasound, and blood tests as well as diagnostic imaging such as x-rays, CAT scan, PET, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Laboratory services such as routine tests ordered by Tower Hematology physicians are performed onsite at Tower’s state certified facility. The facility employs an experienced laboratory staff consisting of state licensed laboratory technicians and expert phlebotomists.

Once a diagnosis is made, the physicians of Tower Hematology will work together to find the best treatment options. In some cases, therapies may be used alone, or a Tower Medical Hematology Oncology Medical Group physician will recommend several therapies in combination.

While new treatments such as gene therapy and cancer vaccines are being studied in clinical trials, the Tower Hematology Medical Groups offers the following treatments options: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and gene therapy.

Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group publishes a number of useful handbooks, flyers and newsletters. Current and potential patients may be interested in the Physician Newsletter, the Research Foundation Newsletter, the Chemotherapy Handbook or one of Tower’s Clinical Trial Flyers.