Samaritan Regional Cancer Center

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Samaritan Regional Cancer Center
501 NW Elks Drive
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Phone: 541.768.5220

Samaritan Regional Cancer Center is located on the campus of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon. It is part of Samaritan Health Services’ (SHS) cancer program at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. Samaritan Regional Health Services describes itself as a “values-driven, church-related organization governed by community members, physicians, and other health care providers,” with a mission “to enhance community health and achieve high value through quality services across a continuum of care.” Samaritan Health Services is a network of Oregon physicians, senior care facilities, and hospitals, which serve the health care needs of the residents of the mid-Williamette Valley and the Central Oregon Coast.

The Samaritan network includes; Samaritan Albany General Hospital, Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, Wiley Creek Community, and of course, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center is currently the largest hospital in Lincoln, Linn, and Benton counties with more than 1,500 employees and 275 volunteers, offering 22 medical specialties. These specialties include: a full-service cardiology and cardiac and vascular surgery program, a sleep lab, neurosurgery, other regional services, and comprehensive cancer care at Samaritan Regional Cancer Center.

Samaritan Regional Cancer Center (SRCC), also home to Samaritan Hematology & Oncology Consultants, houses an expert team of specialists including physicians, therapists, nurses, dosimetrists, medical social workers, physicists, dietitians and hospital chaplains. As a member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, Samaritan Regional Cancer Center features a variety of diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up services including but not limited to brachytherapy, external beam radiation therapy, systemic radiation therapy, investigational radiation therapies, and clinical trials.

In addition to treating mesothelioma, SRCC also treats numerous other types of cancer including other cancers of the lung, head & neck cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, colorectoral cancer, skin cancer, brain tumors, breast cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and gynecologic cancer. Treatment options offered at SRCC for mesothelioma and lung cancers may include: radiation therapy, surgery, electrodessication, cryosurgery, laser surgery using laser beams, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy and biologic therapy.

Treatment options depend on the cancer patient’s overall health, stage of the disease, and whether or not the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Treatment options are typically combined for greater effectiveness and a better chance of survival.

Samaritan Regional Cancer Center publishes the Cancer Resource Guide, the Annual Cancer Report, and Flying on One Wing – a cancer poetry booklet.