Lone Star Oncology

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Lone Star Oncology
11044 Research Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: (512) 343-2103

Lone Star Oncology is located in northwest Austin Texas with additional clinics located through the state of Texas in Round Rock, Georgetown, and Bastrop. Lone Star Oncology is an independently owned and operated group of medical cancer care and medical care professionals. Lone Star Oncology’s mission statement states that “As part of our commitment to our patients, Lone Star Oncology stays abreast of the most current cancer research. We are aggressive about finding treatments that are appropriate and beneficial for our patients’ cancer care – from prevention, early detection, and diagnosis to treatment and long-term follow-up.”

The Lone Star Oncology team is made up of a dedicated group of board-certified oncologists, oncology nurses, immunology and nutrition specialists, supporting therapists, and researchers and investigators working together and throughout more than a dozen departments and divisions. Lone Star Oncology treats every form of cancer from A-Z, including all types of lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Lone Star Oncology clinics across Texas , offer follow-up physicians visits, laboratory studies, chemotherapy treatments, nutritional consultation, adjuvant therapies, and research and investigational studies – or clinical trial.

Lone Star Oncology participates in a variety of clinical trials in all different phases. Clinical trials may range from lung cancer and advanced lung cancer trials to colorectal cancer and occluded central venous catheter clinical trials. These clinical trials or “protocols” are a kind of research study used to determine if a new drug or treatment is an effective treatment for the different types of cancer. These trials allow Lone Star Oncology doctors to gain information about the benefits, side effects and possible uses of new cancer treatment drugs as well as different combinations, doses, and new indications for existing cancer drugs.

Lone Star Oncology clinical trials are also used to help patients better tolerate various treatments and they allow all different types of cancer patients allow to receive the most “cutting edge” treatment. At the time of this writing, Lone Star Oncology was conducting a study to test an investigational therapy for lung cancer, specifically relapsed or refractory non-small cell lung cancer in combination with standard chemotherapy called docetaxel. Patients interested in the clinical trial may call Lone Star Oncology for details.

In addition to traditional treatments for lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other types of cancer diseases, Lone Star Oncology also offers a number of supportive treatments including: acupuncture and massage, bone densitometry, lymphatic massage therapy, therapeutic massage therapy and nutritional oncology.