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Asbestos Exposure Sites

If you’re unsure of how you were exposed to asbestos, our guide details how asbestos was used at worksites across the country. We explain which occupations put workers most at risk and which products likely contained asbestos.

Veterans Resources

Making up one-third of mesothelioma patients, veterans of all military branches were exposed to asbestos. Learn how veterans with mesothelioma can apply for VA benefits and access quality, affordable healthcare.

Legal Options

As victims of asbestos exposure, mesothelioma patients may be eligible for legal compensation to cover treatment costs and other damages. Learn the legal options available, including asbestos trust funds and settlements.

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 Use the Mesothelioma Justice Guide to:

  • Understand how you were exposed to asbestos that caused mesothelioma
  • Discover how asbestos may have been used in your workplace
  • Find out about how veterans were exposed to asbestos while serving in the military
  • Learn about your legal rights and options for financial compensation
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  • Learn about your diagnosis and what caused it
  • Understand your legal options and seek justice
  • Seek financial compensation to cover your treatment costs

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