History of Asbestos

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Ancient Asbestos History

Fireproof, strong, and flexible, asbestos was used for centuries in applications ranging from building insulation to toasters. When the fibers are inhaled or swallowed, however, they take a terrible toll in human lives. This is the deadly history of asbestos.

The story of asbestos begins in ancient Greece, where its amazing properties were considered almost magical. Cloth that didn’t burn, lamp wicks that were never entirely consumed—it’s easy to understand why the Greeks regarded asbestos with awe.

According to the history of asbestos, in this era it was used to make burial cloths for deceased rulers – so that when a king was cremated, his ashes would not mingle with ashes from the wood on the pyre. Another fascinating use of asbestos was shared by the Greeks and Romans, who wove asbestos fibers into napkins. After use, the napkins were thrown into a fire to burn off food or stains without destroying the cloth.

In time, however, these ancient civilizations began to associate adverse health effects with asbestos as history showed that slaves who extracted the fibers and wove the asbestos cloths often developed lung diseases. Asbestos use declined. Still, according to those who study asbestos history, prominent figures from Charlemagne to Marco Polo used items made from asbestos.

Modern-Day Asbestos History

In 20th century asbestos history, the risks of asbestos were becoming well known, as inhabitants of asbestos mining towns developed lung problems at an alarming rate. By 1924, a British doctor discovered a link between asbestos fibers trapped in the lungs and serious health problems.

In asbestos history from the 1930s, medical science began to explore the connection between asbestos and the deadly cancer we now know as mesothelioma. Nonetheless, asbestos remained in widespread use throughout the 20th century.  Rising anger at the asbestos industry for concealing the risks of asbestos led to a popular outcry, which eventually led to regulatory action. Unfortunately, asbestos history will show regulatory efforts to be too little, too late for countless workers and consumers already exposed to asbestos.

Do You Have a History of Asbestos Exposure?

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