Asbestos in Transite

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First introduced to the industry in 1929, transite refers to a composite fiber cement material commonly used in construction wallboard, siding, and roofing materials for over half a century. Transite asbestos products contained 12% to 50% asbestos.

Asbestos Transite Pipe

How Were Transite Asbestos Products Used?

Transite asbestos material was used primarily for siding, roof shingles, furnace flues, chimneys, and any other area of a structure in which flame or heat posed a danger. Transite asbestos products were also used in HVAC systems, plumbing, the wall surfaces of walk-in coolers, and had several plumbing applications as well. The addition of transite asbestos to Portland cement increased its strength substantially and allowed it to be used to produce extremely thin sheets.

Health Risks of Transite Asbestos Products

While sawing and drilling can cause transite asbestos products to release asbestos fibers into the air, transite asbestos products are generally considered to be less dangerous than other asbestos materials. This is because as transite hardens over time, it requires a great deal of force to become friable (easily reduced to powder).

Unlike most similar materials, transite asbestos materials can be identified with the naked eye. A visual inspection can’t tell you, however, what type of asbestos the transite contains and the exact concentration of asbestos fibers. Although transite asbestos materials are frequently spotted in older homes, many homeowners choose to leave the materials untouched unless there is visible damage.

Asbestos Transite Conduit

Transite Asbestos Products Today

The use of asbestos in transite was gradually phased out during the 1980s. Yet today’s transite sheets also pose health hazards: they contain crystalline silica, which is known to cause a benign respiratory condition called silicosis.

Were You Injured by Asbestos?

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