Asbestos in Pipe Covering

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With asbestos related litigation filling the courts today, and people falling ill with mesothelioma, many are tracing their paths back to discover the culprits of their illness. Pipe covering containing asbestos was often used before the 1970s and as a result many were exposed to the dangerous material found in this product.

Where Was Asbestos Pipe Covering Used?

Pipe covering asbestos was used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, mostly in insulation made and manufactured by many companies. Thousands of asbestos-containing pipe coverings were sold and used in basements, factories, heating and air systems as well as in boiler rooms.

What are the Illnesses Associated with Having Worked with Asbestos Pipe Covering?

Unfortunately, numerous workers who now have lung cancer and other asbestos related illnesses, like mesothelioma, were directly exposed to asbestos pipe covering. “Once lodged in the plural area these fibers can injure lung cells and cause lung cancer or asbestosis, a term used to describe replacing healthy lung tissue with damaged or scar tissue. In addition, asbestos fibers can also be directly swallowed by people working in close of confined spaces with exposed asbestos.”

Factory Workers are Most at Risk

If you once worked with asbestos pipe covering and helped manufacture it, you are in a high risk group. If you are a relative to someone who once worked for any sort of piping or insulation manufacturing group, or installed these pipe coverings in buildings, it is important to seek medical and litigation help, if you haven’t already done so.

Many people who worked with asbestos pipe covering have fallen ill and even died from asbestos diseases such as mesothelioma. Some are still living and suffering with this condition and need to know their rights and receive compensation. “Virtually anyone who breathed asbestos dust is at risk…People in the vicinity of boilers and piping often are at risk. So too are their families, as asbestos often was carried home on the clothing of the workers.”

Is there any Cure for Mesothelioma?

The answer is no, however, medical researchers are doing all they can to minimize the symptoms and suffering related to the illness. It is imperative to seek help immediately. “Successfully treating a serious disease such as malignant mesothelioma depends on how early a diagnosis can be made. One reason why malignant mesothelioma is such a dangerous disease is that its symptoms often do not present themselves until the cancer is advanced.”