Asbestos in Insulmastic Products

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Insulmastic is a manufacturer based out of Canada that markets corrosion-prevention products for the construction, marine and industrial industries. The company has been in business since 1948, and their products are distributed in more than 30 countries. Products are sent by express delivery, due to the company’s prime location in Delta, Canada . The manufacturer has convenient access to the Port of Vancouver, allowing them to ship all over the world.

Insulmastic is also known by the names Webson Technical Products and Innovative Manufacturing, and manufactures such materials as roofing tapes and construction coatings, as well as marine, concrete and waterproofing products. They also manufacture a complete line of maintenance products used in asphalt paving, including rubberized crack filler, instant asphalt patch, jetseal pavement sealer and a pothole and crack filler called “Crackseal”.

The plant that Insulmastic occupies takes up a space of 58,000 square feet, which comprises three acres of land. There is chemical-processing equipment and a tank farm on the premises of the plant, which is supported by a polymer-chemistry laboratory. Insulmastic is at the top of their market, as they manufacture entire lines of products that are used in the construction of a number of different structures and facilities.

By changing the company’s name to Innovative Manufacturing in 2005, the company hoped to show how they were continually developing new products and doing business in new markets. Under the name of Innovative Manufacturing, the company also manufactures products for the automotive industry and is a major distributor of several well-known products. Among these products are spray-finishing equipment by Binks and DeVilbiss, and industrial wood coatings by Becker Acroma.

Insulmastic building products are made to meet the specifications of many different construction projects. The types of materials that are used are dependent upon the type of construction project that is being done. That is why Insulmastic manufactures full lines of products to fit a variety of situations—to make sure that the construction company has all of the materials needed to complete a task.

Insulmastic is always looking for new ways to make building projects cost-efficient, without sacrificing quality. With the many different product divisions within the business, it is fair to say that Insulmastic definitely has the right idea when it comes to providing customers will a full-service line of products. This gives the customer the opportunity to find everything that is needed in a single location.

Despite all the positive aspects associated with the company today, it did produce asbestos-containing products in the past. This placed people at risk within their own homes or on job sites. Since asbestos is made up of fibers, if the material is damaged in any way, those fibers are sent into the air and could be inhaled. It is at this point people are exposed, which could lead to the development of breathing problem or various forms of cancer, including mesothelioma, later on in life. If you have Insulmastic products in your home or near your home, it may be a good idea to verify whether or not they contain asbestos.