Asbestos in Waterproofing

In construction, waterproofing is very important on a number of different levels. First of all, the entire structure needs to be waterproofed in some way, because any type of moisture in the wood structure can cause rot. This can result in a weakening of the structure, which can later lead to severe structural problems that are more expensive in the long run.

There are different types of waterproofing that must take place. A couple of very important places are the foundation and the basement. Many people have to deal with water problems in their basement, which can cause a musty smell to rise up in the house and a plethora of other issues in the basement. As for the foundation, it can start to crack causing a weakening effect in the structure, which can be dangerous. Even condensation in these areas can be rather problematic.

Foundations are usually only dam proofed and not fully waterproofed. The same goes for basements, because building codes in many states only require that these areas be dam proofed. This involves hot asphalt being sprayed on the basement floor, but does not guarantee that the basement will remain dry. All it takes is for the concrete to crack, and water can get in. Waterproofing will keep all gaps sealed. It is a bit more expensive, but will prevent even more expensive things from happening in the future. Also maintaining a proper drainage system can be beneficial to a foundation. You don’t want water constantly running down the foundation, or into it once it makes its way to the ground.

As for the roof, waterproofing is done by placing tar paper under the shingles that are selected for the job. The two together provide adequate protection from the elements. Anytime a shingle breaks or blows off, the tar paper will only protect for so long before water begins leaking into the roof. It is important to maintain the roof on a structure. In fact, it is very important to maintain all waterproofing aspects of a structure to ensure its strength and its safety.

So be sure to go the distance when waterproofing in a construction project. This will prevent other problems in the future that could cost even more money. The initial cost tends to be somewhat more, but in the end it is a good investment.

You should also be aware of the asbestos content in some waterproofing products. While asbestos is no longer allowed in new products, it has been used in the past and may even reside in your home to this day. Be sure you have a professional evaluate your waterproofing before performing any do it yourself tasks. Unknowingly stirring up asbestos fibers can make it so you inhale them, which could lead to various forms of cancer and other health problems.