Asbestos in Putties

There were many products used in the construction and remodeling industry prior to the 1980s that contained the deadly substance known as asbestos. These asbestos products included putties and other applications often used in homes, public buildings, factories, offices, and ships. Manufacturing plant workers who made the putties, as well as those applying the putties, are at high risk of getting lung cancer, mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related cancers and illnesses.

There was a time when asbestos putties were used predominantly in the construction and remodeling world. The material was especially practical for insulation purposes and plugging holes. Unfortunately, the asbestos putties let off asbestos fibers into the air and, after being inhaled, later led to many asbestos-related illnesses, especially mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a disease that causes excruciating pain near and around the organs affected and invariably leads to death. Victims are unable to breathe and soon suffocate as the linings of their lungs constrict.

Though many companies discontinued using asbestos putties, some companies continued to manufacture and sell it, fully aware of the dangers related with asbestos. It was later discovered that many companies hid the fact that many of the products they used still contained asbestos. As a result of these horrendous actions, millions of dollars were awarded in settlements to those who developed mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Asbestos putties still exist today in older homes and buildings, along with hundreds of other materials. Anyone who has ever worked in renovation, remodeling, or any demolition or asbestos abatement programs stands the risk of having been exposed to asbestos fibers. It is extremely vital that a medical doctor test you or any family member who has been exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos legislation began in the 1970s, and since that time, more and more bills have been either passed or proposed in order to assist mesothelioma victims. Others have been proposed in favor of the asbestos companies.