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People are affected by asbestos exposure every day in the United States. Now is your chance to speak up. Tell us more about how you or a loved one has been affected or read the stories from others below.

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I worked at a factory useing asbestos for 33 years. We were not told of the dangers or that we were even being exposed. The managers were well aware but didn't think we needed to know. I would come home from work with asbestos on my work clothes, not knowing at that time what asbestos was or that I had it on my clothes. In 2001, my 22 year old daughter Amanda was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. After many surgeries, constantly being sick from chemo treatments, she died on Jan. 1st 2005.
She fought a courageous battle but sadly when you are diagnosed with mesothelioma it is more often than not a death sentence.


My father died of mesothelioma after a brave year and a half struggle. He was exposed to asbestos while helping to build a major appliance plant in Louisville, KY. It is just a sin that the asbestos industry and major manufacturers got away with what they did knowing full well the effects of asbestos exposure. We need to ban all asbestos in this country so that 20 to 50 years from now people don't go through the same pain my father and family went through.


My dad spent 20 active years in the U.S.N. and 10 in reserves. He is very ill from being on ships most likely. He fought for our country. He refuses to know what stage it is. They kinda told him after 15 medical staff read it. It was the bad one...