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People are affected by asbestos exposure every day in the United States. Now is your chance to speak up. Tell us more about how you or a loved one has been affected or read the stories from others below.

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I had never heard of asbestos until I came to work as a customer service rep for a legal service that provides help to people who were exposed to asbestos and who had family or friends who died from an asbestos related condition, and I can not tell you how sad it is to listen to these people talk about missing the best years of their lives with their loved ones because they lost them, their lives cut short by a horrible cancer that took them away. Or the loved ones who worked with asbestos for years and brought the fibers home to their family members and now they are sick...It saddens me to hear the frustration and the anger they are dealing with all for a fibrous material that they worked with. Children without parents, parents without children, spouses without spouses. I don't understand how a fiber, known for 100 plus years to be dangerous to the health of people working with it, could still be legal!


When I was in the Navy our ship's boiler blew up. The shipyard was brought in to fix the boiler. As they were cutting it open I was standing on fire watch with a fire extinguisher in hand and sitting next to the boiler under where they were cutting. When they removed the metal the worker discovered the asbestos. He got off the boiler and told my supervisors and then I was relieved from fire watch and was removed from the space. When myself and a few others of my shipmates tried to get medical to put it in our medical records they refused. But they did put it in the shipyard workers' records. I was lucky because my son's doctor put a note in my record about the incident with the dates of exposure. This is one of the incidents that made me resent and regret being in the Navy.


I never actually worked with Asbestos. All this pain and despair for me was caused by washing my husbands clothes back in 1961. After National Service he went back as a Shipwright in the Dockyard where he worked with Asbestos. We married and he left to work at British Uralite making Window Boxes for Council flats, etc. Ray had a Scan and he has scarring. I on the other hand have Mesothelioma from washing his clothes.

Prior to my Diagnosis I was a very active person. I regularly went to keep fit classes, went swimming, walked in the country side 14 miles sometimes and everyday without fail walked the dog 2.5 miles. This changed on coming back from holiday in Spain in 2009. I had burnt myself on an iron at the New year and had not felt it. My arms and hands twisted and my feet went numb and I couldn’t breathe. A visit to the doctor resulted in an admission to K&CC hospital, they drained 5 ltrs of fluid from my lungs. I was given the news that I had Mesothelioma and no future. Such a pretty name for a deadly disease. Prognosis was 3 months to 2 years.

I arranged my funeral, threw out my old clothes and bought new things for the home so that Ray wouldn’t have to worry about such things. I was given an appointment for Mrs King and she carried out the Talc op in Guys. The operation was a success and this was followed by Wound radiation and Chemo. I hated the Chemo, 10hours of watching fluids going in my veins and then next day sick, I was so weak that I needed a stick to hold me up when I walked around. Just as I got better the next 21 days came round and another Chemo and back to the sickness and weakness. But after 4 sessions the CT Scan showed I was stable.

I enjoy life again and I’m able to walk the dog but I do tire easily and afternoons I drop off to sleep. I now have a tumour that is shrinking but we don’t know when it will return.


My husband of 27 years Vincent Glovick lost his life to mesothelioma. It took 4 months from diagnosis to his passing and he suffered so bad it has affected my family horribly. He was a hard working family man that didn't deserve this to happen to him because of somebody else's negligence and or stupidity. He was exposed by second hand exposure as his father worked in ship yards etc... and he worked in places that could expose him to asbestos. As a result I lost my husband, my girls lost their father and grand children lost their grandfather forever! IT HAS TO STOP! BAN THE ASBESTOS PLEASE. This is a very horrible death. I watched him suffer and wither away. I should also share that my brother in law and sister in law both have asbestosis as well.


I started a non-profit 501(c)3 to educate residents on asbestos after my father died from mesothelioma in 2001. Turns out, after talking to thousands of people my fears are confirmed. People are misinformed about asbestos. There is no safe limit yet we are the only ones reaching out to parents raising children in homes that contain asbestos. Renovation and repairs are causing exposures to small children every day in America and around the world. We need to ban asbestos but we also need to let the public know what they can do to protect their families. That's what we do now...