Ett's Testimonial

My Dad enlisted into the U.S. Army on November 9, 1942. Unknowingly, he was exposed to asbestos-contained products while he performed his military duties. In the early 80's he suffered with a severe sore throat for over a year. Finally, the VA doctors told us he had a life-threatening throat cancer. They removed my Pops' entire voice box and almost all of his vocal cords, leaving a hugh hole where the soft spot in his neck used to be. For the next ten years (and I thank God for having given us ten more years) Pop suffered with poor health, occasional terrifying events when he simply could not BREATHE, continued therapy, and a very long and deep depression as a result of his illness caused by exposure to asbestos. The manufacturing corporations knew the health risks of asbestos and chose to conceal its dangers. My Pop passed away on November 23, 1991 after a long, long struggle with this horrible disease.

Please, please help us to BAN ASBESTOS in our country. This substance is still being used in paint, automotive parts and even children's toys. Please join the movement now.