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Sokolove Law, LLC is the nation's most trusted name in mesothelioma cancer law, and the first truly national law firm with an office and a licensed attorney in almost every state. For more than 30 years, James Sokolove’s (Founder and Chairman, retired 2013) passion and commitment to legal access and public service has helped bring justice and compensation to over 2,000 victims of asbestos-related diseases and cancers — and their families and loved ones.

Sokolove Law understands the hardship you and your family may be going through. That's why we developed Asbestos.net — an online resource to bring you the latest news and information about mesothelioma cancer and legal help related to asbestos diseases.

Our nationwide affiliate network of mesothelioma attorneys help provide equal access to our nation’s court system – regardless of income or race. You can count on us.

We’re proud of what our mesothelioma attorneys have accomplished. View our success stories page to see a sampling of our many mesothelioma settlements.

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$30 Billion Set Aside For Victims

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